September 4, 2007 at 12:10 (Uncategorized)

I found some Coca Cola Cherry in the Spar.  I like coke and I like cherry but it’s a bit strange to drink together.  I’m about half way through the can, which was expensive, and I’m not sure what to think of it.  It smells very strongly of synthetic cherry and has a funny after taste.

I’ve noticed a strange thing – a girl is walking down the street, a guy is walking and at some time crosses paths with the girl and just before he reaches her, he starts singing.  Any bit of song or noise with do – he doesn’t make eye contact or anything.  He just starts singing and then stops.  It’s like a bloody musical.

When I talk for a long time in one sitting, I get out of breath quite quickly then need to cough.  In most conversations there are gaps and pauses so it’s not a problem but for Japanese I do all the talking.  For an hour.  By the end of the lesson yesterday I felt like I had run a marathon.  Or maybe just the length of my road for I don’t run often; or at all actually.  But a bonus was that some students had cancelled lesson for Wednesday and Thursdays so he offered them to me but I work on Wednesdays so I took the Thursday.  And it’s for free too.  YAY!  In October I will have been doing Japanese for three years; I also have exams for Unisa.

Fiction note:  I’m having a great time packing as much action into the FF cross over as I can.  The Gate seems to be on a hiatus of some kind; I think some of it has to do with the fact that I have to transcribe some sections and I’m not fond of transcribing.  The most boring thing to transcribe are legal hearings.  Once I transcribed a case that appeared in the paper the following week – totally saved me reading the article.


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