September 5, 2007 at 20:22 (Uncategorized)

I submitted myself to the pharmachist and presented the evil within me. She gave me some potions that are really working. I should have done this weeks ago but I had to get over my stubborness relating to medication. At least now I can breath properly and hopefully get some decent sleep and not be completely worn out after Japanese tomorrow.

The down side to buying a store that you work in is that you have to do all the stock counting and consoladating. On the plus side you know exactly how many hundreds of scarves, brooches or hair clips you will have. The evening bags weren’t to bad but there is way too much ornamentation in the store. Stuff I’ve been dusting for almost two years and not selling. Once something has been on the shelf for six months you have to move it on – either as a sale item or in the stock room and bring out the following season. But some things just have to go – funny puppies with glasses and masses of fairy/angel things are some of those things.

I’m actually doing some research on components of language (phonology, morphology, semantics (this one I know), syntactics and pragmatics) but lots of reading is required and I’m kind of dopey at the moment. Breathing well in a lazy kind of way.

Fiction note: I wrote a poem in my lunch break today.

The skeleton tree in the dark of the night
Keeps away the darkness with a haunting twilight
Shadows cast and shadows thrown
Tread softly among the unknown
Be prepared to guard and fight
For all that your heart tells is right
Be at peace within your heart
My love for you will never part


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