Cat lamp

April 30, 2018 at 16:34 (Make, Uncategorized)

I’m very vocal about my dislike of DIY. I also tend to shy away from making over furniture because it’s too close to DIY.

But I did have an idea for my plain whitewashed lamp stand – it involved paint and cat toys. Behold:

cat lamp


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Not right now

February 27, 2018 at 19:45 (Make, Uncategorized)

I’ve stepped back from sewing.

The last couple of costumes I made were not great and they felt like hard work and I feel I didn’t invest any talent in them. I’m not sure when but some time ago the enjoyment I felt when sewing began to wane.

If I think back, it probably began when I started sewing again after my accident. The ease at which I made things wasn’t there, my eye for measurements and fitting had disappeared. The ache and tiredness in my hand, and eventually my arm and neck, was quick to come and slow to fade. I didn’t see joy when I looked at my planned projects – they looked like troublesome tasks that had to be done. Effort overshadowed enjoyment. And with stresses of work and limited energy and a general ‘meh’ attitude to sewing, I decided to change my hiatus to a definite stop for the time being. For the longest time, people have linked me with sewing and I had been sewing for a little over 20 years so there’s this idea that something dramatic or terrible happened that caused me to stop. But no, just not feeling into it right now.

Shortly after I got the girls, I got rid of all the sewing stuff I had collected over years. It was so freeing to see it go. I’ve kept my machines, needles and scissors. The machines are good and it would be silly to get rid of them, and they are handy if I need to fix or alter something. And maybe I take it up again. And I may post some of my older things and update bits here and there – who knows.

But I’m not sewing right now.

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