Nantalith Teglan

Nantalith Teglan is a half elf with a somewhat rogue-ish nature.  He is terribly curious and not as bright as he thinks he is – thus he has been cursed many times (hey, Nantalith touch this), as well as been poisoned often (I run forward, sword drawn) he also tends to activate glyphs (eh? what does this do?) and set off traps (not that he’s been caught in one) and nearly died too many times (armour?).

Oh, and he’s been bitten by a werewolf.  The latter meaning he had to hand over precious items he ‘forgot’ he had.  And all his silver coins.  In addition, he’s had to keep all this from his match-making mother who is brighter than he thinks she is.


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  1. Zainurrahman said,

    You should put your table of contents here, by doing that we can seek your articles easily…

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