September 18, 2018 at 22:17 (Uncategorized)

Years ago a friend recommended a Japanese crime show called Aibou. At the time, most of the then 13 seasons weren’t subbed but season 11 and some of season 12 was. That was when I realised popular actor’s shows got subbed more often than others. Season 11 was a new partner with a cute face so subbing started from there. Though I have seen the previous partner in other shows and do his acting but he’s not as popular – anyway, I watched what was subbed and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Today I noticed that season 13 is almost completely subbed! So excited. However, I can’t remember where I had to stop in season 12. I’ve spent most of the evening trying to find my place without ruining episodes I haven’t see and have basically worked my way back to season 11, which I know I’ve watched, remembering nothing.

So now I find myself with three seasons of a show I know I’ll enjoy 🙂 And quite likely remember as I watch.


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