Material Things

December 2, 2017 at 10:49 (Uncategorized)

In the past few months I’ve bought three things that have improved my life more than I thought they would. A Chromebook, Nike Airs and a mineral oil gel toe protector. Of the three, the toe protector has change the way I walk the most. My right baby toe suffers in closed shoes and becomes very painful. But not anymore. The toe protectors offers a gel barrier between my baby toe and my other toes that dig into it when I wear closed shoes. The toe protector is quite possibly the best thing I have ever bought.

My torturous and stressful daily commute on Metrorail lead me to purchase the Nike Airs. Cute sandles are a hinderance (and can be painful) with delays, cancellations, overcrowding, constant platform changes and just hanging between stations for nearly 20 minutes at a time. If you got to contort yourself to get home, good shoes make the journey a little more comfortable.

My Chromebook has now been bumped down to third best purchase. It was top for a long time, and it’s the first material thing I’ve bought that I would miss if it broke. But on the weekend it actually moves back up to first best purchase.


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