Drop the shop

March 13, 2016 at 20:20 (Uncategorized)

So I’ve shut down the shop side of my new endeavour. A couple of reason including things like terrible exchange rates and no interest in unusual haberdashery. I’m continuing with the costume commissions as I actually enjoy doing them. I just gotta use up 600 lace zips.

IMG_5252 Guess I’ll make myself millions of cute dress with lace zips.

I’m a little sad that my second attempt at a shop failed and that I couldn’t get it to work with markets either, but conventions are pretty good so I’ll stick to those. I need weirdos to buy my weirdo stuff 🙂

Apart from much sewing, I’ve been working like a demon on my house. DIY like nothing before – not only paint and drill, but cement and paving.

First up the biggest project – fix a bedroom wall. Dramatic, but technically true.


Leaky gutters cause huge unseen problems. For example, door frame rotted away and mud instead of clay bricks. The smell of earth was really strong when I broke out the concrete in the little courtyard and under the door frame – or rather, the fibres that made up the ‘door frame’. I left it for the summer months to completely dry out.


Once it was completely dry I cemented it all together again. With really old houses, there’s a lot of ‘this doesn’t match’ or ‘why can’t you been even/level’.


Damp seal, paint and pave. A bunch of plants and I’m done. I actually bought a fern today, but haven’t planted it yet. A job for tomorrow.

The next one wasn’t started by me. I just finished up a side section that had originally been left, but turned out to be no good.

Ramp for the scooters


Not only was nothing going to grow in the red sand, the rocks sticking out meant the gate couldn’t fully open to allow the scooters easy access. There was also a near constantly stream of red dust in the house as well.


Neaten and cemented. I also secured the ramp. The angle is steep and the sand was washing away every time the garden was watered. It has since been painted but I don’t have a picture. I’m rather fond of my little steps 🙂

I don’t like DIY, but I can’t seem to find someone to do without quibbling or charging the earth. It’s good to be capable 🙂


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