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December 10, 2015 at 07:28 (Uncategorized)

What an up and down year. The year started really well and then took a sharp downward turn. Now it is back on the rise.

Suddenly finding yourself without work can really put in you a state. Failing to find a job can really worsen that state. Starting a business can make you too tired to realise you’re in that state. Then lots of little successes and support and enthusiasm make you think you really can do it – and not just telling yourself that but feeling that as well.

The only downer that I haven’t been able to fix up is my story Bring the Rain. Last chapter and it’s half written, and I’m really struggling to get the words right. I’m ready to make peace with the fact that what I wanted and what I produced… They’re going to be different. ┬áNot my best work to be sure.

This week is a short working week so I’m off to register my new scooter – Hijikata.

Hijikata and Vivi II

Vivi II (Vivi I was recently stolen) is in front with Hijikata in the back – they look identical. Licence plates will differentiate for the time being. Though Minnow has taken to sitting on HIjikata in the mornings.

Minnow on Hijikata

Since I only had Noctis for roughly 36 hours and only had one ride on a quiet Sunday morning more than a year ago, I plan to take a couple of quiet rides before going into the traffic. Luckily, it’s December and there’ll soon be school holidays so less traffic. And then there’ll be Christmas day holidays so no traffic. Also I’m a little nervous with about my hand and it’s lack of strength. I would have liked a bike again but cost and injury have limited me, but I’m very happy with Hijikata.


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