September 27, 2015 at 09:56 (Uncategorized)

I mentioned that I got a licence renewal for the Chibi. Well, I phoned the dude and he was all ‘gosh, no one did anything’. He said he would sort it out and phone me back. I had no faith. I called back the next day, he said he was on it and would call me back at about two/three that afternoon – of course he didn’t, but I gave him a couple of days to get back to me.

By Monday he hadn’t and I was rather annoyed. I tried calling again but the phone kept ringing out. Now I’m really getting annoyed because as the days go by the possibility of late fines increase. And with suddenly having morning and afternoon work after weeks of no work, I don’t want to take time off to sort this car shit out.

That left Friday afternoon to go to the Civic Centre and scrape the car – wants of the tosser dismissed. I would pay the money needed to get this stress out of my life. The Civic Centre had a long queue on Friday but it usually goes pretty quickly, but not this Friday. I was in the queue for 45 minutes – it was long. I was thinking about how I could be ice skating ‘coz I’d been invited but had to decline.

When I finally get to a window, the lovely lady tells me I can’t scrap the car because it’s not in my name. She even told me the day it had been transferred – in the week of my first call to salvage guy. So he had done as he said he was going to but hadn’t called to say ‘hey, it’s done’.

I sat on the train home thinking I hate men, they are all incompetent. Then I thought, that’s not actually true, there are decent guys out there. But I seem to have to deal with a lot of incompetent ones. And women too – incompetent people! I hate incompetent people.

But actually, I don’t hate anyone.


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