As expected and unsurprised

September 11, 2015 at 13:09 (Uncategorized)

A year ago today I killed the Chibi and ruined my left hand.

I sold the Chibi for scrap and the salvager asked me specifically to not deregister the car and he would do it. My inner monologue went along the lines of ‘yeah, right – I’m going to be sorting this out next September when the car license is due’.

And I was right.

In the mail last week was a car license renewal notice. I wasn’t even angry when I saw it, I was resigned – because car/bike things never wrap up smoothly. But it’s a task for Monday, and who knows when it will end.


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  1. Manners | Nantalith Teglan said,

    […] mentioned that I got a licence renewal for the Chibi. Well, I phoned the dude and he was all ‘gosh, no one did anything’. He […]

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