August 5, 2015 at 09:21 (Uncategorized)

Changing jobs is nerve wracking – there’s the sending CV, interviews, proving yourself as an employee, meeting new people and getting to know new office politics. It’s an uncomfortable process when you plan it, and all out nuts when you don’t.

Work suddenly ran out and I found myself one Thursday afternoon without work until possibly much later in the year. In the interim months I would have nothing. This meant no cashy money, and like most adults, I’ve got bills.

At first I was like ‘aw, shucks’. I had a salary coming at the end of July and I was supremely confidant that I would get a new job quickly. I do my job well, I’m on time, I’m pleasant to everyone, I don’t complain or argue pointlessly – finding a new job would be no problem at all.

Until I came to realise very quickly potential employees don’t know this – all they see is a CV. Along with hundreds of other CVs. Then I felt gloomy. And I convinced myself that I had failed the course I completed the Monday before.

I didn’t fail and I’m using my oodles of free time to do two Coursera courses, some sewing and seriously getting into my Japanese studies again.

It’s not a great situation but it is what it is, so I’ve accepted it and am looking for work.


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