Chop and change

July 6, 2014 at 20:21 (Uncategorized)

Sometimes, not often, I start a piece of fiction with a solid idea of what I want. I write it out, tweak it and just as I’m finishing it I realise I’m going to change it. Not because I’m unhappy with it, but because my new idea is better. And completely different.

The Fight for Spira started out as a cross over between X, VIII and VII. I wrote a lot of it before I cut out all the scenes with Cloud and Squall and changed the direction of the tale. The only thing that really stayed the same was the idea that someone was trying to take control of Spira.

I also find myself wanting to experiment with different genres and sub-genres, and possibly styles. Though romance still has no appeal…

Ultimately, all this has lead to me deleting an entire day’s worth of writing. I’m keeping the opening scene though.

At least, I think I’m keeping the opening scene 😛


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