All the THREES

March 27, 2014 at 21:54 (Uncategorized)

In 3 weeks I will be 33. It is the 3rd Friday in April, and one and eight are nine which divided by 3 is 3. I want to say I have twelve days of leave so it can be divided by 3 but I’ve only got eleven days. BUT ElEvEn – 3 ‘e’s.

I can’t really think of anything significant about 3 though. The only thing that comes to mind is Tri-Force.

Oh wait – the 3rd letter of the alphabet is the first letter of my name šŸ˜€ I also have 3 earrings in each ear.

I am one of 3 sisters.

Fairy Tail is in the 3 hundreds.

Most comics are in a 3 x 3 grid.

I’ve been sitting for a few minutes now and I can’t think of anything else.


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