March 8, 2014 at 13:13 (Uncategorized)

The Chibi has all her wheels.

The AA dude was really nice and, as anticipated, he had to drive me up to the garage because the tow truck couldn’t get into my road, and the Chibi was parked in as usual so he wouldn’t have been able to get her onto the truck even if he could get into the road. Streets in Obz take special maneuvering and consideration.

Though I did find out that the garage does call outs – next time there is a car situation and it’s not an emergency I’m calling them first. I’m still not happy with the AA either way. The SA AA in fact. The UK AA responded to my tweet and tried to help me, they couldn’t because, you know, different countries and all that – but they tried harder to help me than the local guys.

Ultimately, I think phoning the AA in Jo’burg for a problem in Cape Town is useless. When you talk about Obz to people in CT, they’re all like ‘traffic’, ‘parking issues’, ‘narrow roads’, ‘car drama’. When you say Obz to a caller centre guy in Jo’burg he doesn’t have these thoughts because he don’t know. Also, peak hour calls to Jo’burg are pricey.

I’ve also chained the spare to the car so hopefully this drama is avoided in the future. Now onward with my calm life.


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