March 5, 2014 at 17:29 (Uncategorized)

I like a simple life – I strive toward a simple life. On the whole I have a simple life – I have my job, my house and my hobbies.

But sometimes everything goes wrong.

The Chibi has been playing up a bit recently. I’m not a car person but I love the Chibi – reliable, cheap and zippy. Even so, I did delay in taking her to the garage for cash flow reasons – cars are always expensive – ALWAYS~!

And she was expensive but it was necessary work that should get me many more years. But when the mechanic returned her, he rode over some glass and punctured the front tire. He kindly offered to swap it but the spare wasn’t there – it had been stolen. And recently because when I cleaned the back after I finished the paving in the back garden round mid December. I remember seeing the spare – I even cleaned round it. So engine sound but the Chibi is still not going anywhere.

As a paying member of the AA so I called them up but there was nothing they could do at that time because it was after 17h00 – fair enough. They did offer to store the car in a safe location till morning but seeing as I was actually at home and the Chibi was parked in her usual parking space I declined.

I tried phoning before I went to work but they weren’t open yet – roadside assist that has office hours.

Usually I don’t work in the afternoons, but I agreed to some afternoons for some extra cash to pay for the car. This meant that when I got home, it was later afternoon. I called the AA again and was told that a truck would be round in 60 – 70 minutes and the garage closes at 17h00 – things were on track. At 16h30 I called to see what was happening only to be told that it was 120 – 150 minutes, not the 60 – 70 I had been told. So now 16h30 way too late to do anything else in CT traffic, the Chibi still sits outside with a flat.

AA subs, mechanic, peak hour Jo’burg calls (4 in total), time wasted, stress – ALWAYS EXPENSIVE.


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