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On Friday 17 January I didn’t go to work because of a migraine. It was a bad one and I spend the entire day in bed in the dark. The entire day. Roughly 12 wasted hours where I could have done other things – productive things, unproductive things but things could have been done. The pain continued through Saturday and only really let on Sunday evening.

As I lay in the dark on that Friday I thought of all the things I could be doing – reading manga, playing piano, cleaning the house, sewing etc. Then I got to thinking about the most complicated thing I’ve ever made, then the most time consuming. Ultimately I decided I had had enough of wasted hours.

So… the plan is to cut out coke and added and super refined sugars. Pick up on the healthier food and train more regularly. I don’t think it’s good to cut out things completely – I believe in cutting down. Drastically if needed, but not cutting out. I’m not drinking coke but I’m still having my random cup of coffee.

Week one was pretty bad – I wanted coke ALL the time. I wanted it more than when I was drinking it. I also wanted sweets – piles and piles of sweets. My tea tasted terrible with only two sugars – what the hell man!? Everything made me angry – unspeakably outraged. And I was TIRED!

Week two was better. I only wanted coke when I saw it and my sweet craving was tempered by meat – though I’ve always chosen meat over sugar. I’m still irritated with everything though. Week two also had the added bonus of a tooth infection. I was less tired but didn’t feel particularly great either.

Tomorrow is week three which is hopefully going to start with a tooth extraction and get better from there.

The only one who is pleased at the moment is Shackleton – he’s getting a walk almost everyday. Makes a little dog happy.


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