January 8, 2014 at 19:18 (Uncategorized)

I recently bought myself a 2DS, it’s really quite cool and I’m enjoying it. One of the games I bought was The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, and despite having a train on the cover I thought it was something to do with music. But it’s to do with trains which is so much better – I love trains and I’m a train driver (actually an engineer but I drive trains). And my little train has a cannon~! Which I also love.

What I’m not enjoying is how long it takes me to figure out rather simple puzzles. When I bought my GBA and played FFI and the Minish Cap as I saw things I could see what to do. Now, not so much. It’s been a while since I played anything other than Final Fantasy on the PlayStation and simple things are really eluding me. Luckily there is the internet and walkthoughs which save me from tantrum like rage.


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