What type of teacher are you?

October 23, 2013 at 20:10 (Uncategorized)

Something came up a while ago and it involved thinking about and discussing what type of teacher you want to be, and turning the teacher you are into that. It got me thinking, and the thing I thought was is that I don’t see myself as a ‘teacher’. I see myself as somebody who knows some stuff and I’m sharing it with other people who want to know that stuff.

When I first started teaching I had no idea how to share what I knew – in fact, I didn’t even really know what I knew. It was just in my brain and I used it. And I still do. But in the beginning I didn’t have any techniques nor ideas, I just followed the course book because it was better than me. I still use the course book a lot but I try to use more natural ways of sharing the stuff in my brain – the English stuff not the manga or game stuff, or the music stuff. Or the sewing stuff.

So the other day I made up a lesson completely from scratch. It was quite successful despite having a couple of errors as the students produced a narrative story. In addition, I received some awesome feedback which totally boosted my ego. I also decided to do the Blended Learning through Coursera because I thought I would be able to adapt the ideas (it’s mainly for teaching school children) to the ESL classroom. But I’ve come to love this Blended Learning idea – it’s a work in progress so there are a couple of hiccups and requires a change of thinking from parents and students (and society) but I think it’s a great system and I would have loved to being taught that way. I think it’s also why I enjoy MOOCs so much.


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