September 19, 2013 at 15:57 (Uncategorized)

As an ESL teacher, I try to anticipate what aspects of English the students could struggle with. When I plan exercises and look through resources, I think about how I can turn them to the advantage of my current students.

Most of the time I anticipate struggles with some or other grammar concept, or technical words. But what causes the most confusion in my classes isn’t anything to do with English. It’s that I don’t want to be a mother.

About 50% of the time, it’s a cultural thing. It might not be what I agree with but it’s their thing and they’re happy so whatever. But within the ‘great independent women rah rah rah’ sections of the world, the young women I’ve come across in the class are surprisingly closed to the idea that they don’t have to get married and have children. It’s just what you do as a woman. You can do it much later in life, but you will eventually do it.

It’s strange that for all the talk of having choice, a lot of younger people still don’t think it’s possible.


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