August 10, 2013 at 17:39 (Uncategorized)

I sometimes feel my mind is like a sponge. But not in the traditional sense of the expression. In reality the water that the sponge soaks up can easily be squeezed out, or if the sponge is left somewhere, the bottom becomes a gooey mess of rotting sponge and stagnant water.

Things that I find really interesting and would like to pass on to others are easily squeezed out so my brains can fill up with arbitrary facts while the rest of my information absorption becomes the gooey mess.

The result is the highly annoying situation where someone is telling me about something that I know to be incorrect but I lack the require information to accurately correct them because it has either run out of my ears or mixed in the goop that oozes round the bottom of my skull.

This is only how I feel sometimes. Other times I don’t really take not of what my brain is doing just so long as it keeps me breathing.


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