A moment of… what the hell!?

October 26, 2012 at 20:10 (Uncategorized)

A moment of stupidity brought on by a moment of excitement brought on by an afternoon of disappointment.

Today I tried to get some elbow pads for rapier.  I went to many stores in Claremont with no luck, I tried Cape Town as well with no luck.  I came home hungry and angry.  Cursing living at the bottom of the world and the huge amounts of shoes shops – fill the shops with something useful!

When Aki-chan popped by to pick up the car and said she was heading to Canal Walk I went along with her to the Game.  They had elbow pads – thank goodness.  In shock pink.  But then I found some red ones – safe.

Things were going smoothly until I got a SMS – I had completely forgotten that a friend was coming round to pick up some garb.  Then it took us forever to get out of pet shop, there was an issue with the pay stations, Aki-chan took a wrong turn leaving, and finally the petrol light came on.  By now lunch had long worn off and I was very hungry, trying to organise a time to meet my friend and trying to not kill something and eat it.  It would have been Aki-chan – she was the only one in the car.

Now I’m at home having a moment of calm.


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