What you think isn’t always what you see

October 11, 2012 at 16:06 (Uncategorized)

Some months I was going to teach my students ‘this, that, these and those‘.  I had the course book open next to me as I organised my lesson.   I started with a speaking task that dealt with names and nicknames, it went on to city nicknames.  I went online and looked up some city nicknames we could discuss, I had city vocabulary worksheets [town hall, mall, library etc.] I even printed out some comprehensions about London and New York.  I finished up the 100 minute lesson with Cape Town The Mother City.  I wrote it all out on the board to demonstrate – In Cape Town there is a town hall, In Cape Town there are museums, In Cape Town there is a library etc.  Sigh~!

But today, I didn’t make that mistake.  I remembered.  I didn’t use cities either, I used stuff in the students’ bags.

It also helped that I was actually doing ‘there is and there are’… 😛


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