A moment of… what the hell!?

October 26, 2012 at 20:10 (Uncategorized)

A moment of stupidity brought on by a moment of excitement brought on by an afternoon of disappointment.

Today I tried to get some elbow pads for rapier.  I went to many stores in Claremont with no luck, I tried Cape Town as well with no luck.  I came home hungry and angry.  Cursing living at the bottom of the world and the huge amounts of shoes shops – fill the shops with something useful!

When Aki-chan popped by to pick up the car and said she was heading to Canal Walk I went along with her to the Game.  They had elbow pads – thank goodness.  In shock pink.  But then I found some red ones – safe.

Things were going smoothly until I got a SMS – I had completely forgotten that a friend was coming round to pick up some garb.  Then it took us forever to get out of pet shop, there was an issue with the pay stations, Aki-chan took a wrong turn leaving, and finally the petrol light came on.  By now lunch had long worn off and I was very hungry, trying to organise a time to meet my friend and trying to not kill something and eat it.  It would have been Aki-chan – she was the only one in the car.

Now I’m at home having a moment of calm.


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Well, hello there…?

October 25, 2012 at 19:58 (Uncategorized)

I’ve taken to listen to the audio of one of the Japanese courses I have while travelling or waiting for the train.  If I am alone on the street, I’ll say the words/phrases out loud.  You may know where this is going.  And you would be right – I was caught out by a middle aged woman stepping out from behind a bush with her dog and a bag of poop.

I’ve become addicted to Fairy Tail – it is deliciously funny, and keeping me from the sewing machine.  And keeping me up late into the night.

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October 11, 2012 at 17:30 (Fiction, Uncategorized)

The other day I was looking for Loveless so I could add a couple of lines to a piece of fiction.  I found it here, along with a Japanese version in romaji.  And I’m so enthused by my future trip to Japan to learn some more Japanese that I thought I would write out in kana for practice.

I was feeling quite squint by the end.  Obviously, I need more practice.



Prologue (Poem)
けものたし の たたかい が よに おわり を もたらす とこ

くら き そら より めがみ ふぁ まいおりる

ひかり と やみ の つばさ を ひろげ

しふく へ と みちびく おくりもの と ともに

Act I (Poem)
しえん の なぞ それ は めがみ の おくりもの

われら は もとめ とびたんだ

あまよいつずける こころ の みなもに

かすかな さざなみ を たってて

Act II (Poem)
おしみない しゅふく と ともに

きみ は めがみ に あいされた

せかい を いやす えいゆう としても

あす を のぞみ て ちる たましい

ほこり も つい え

とびた とう に も つばさ は ほれた

これ が もんすった の まつる だ

Act III (Poem)
きも よ とびたつ の か?

われら は みくむ せかい へ と

まちうける は ただ かこく な あす

さかまく かぜ のみだ としても

きみ よ こい ねがい え

いのち はぐくむ めがみ の おくりもの

やくそく の ない あす であろうと

きみ の たつ ばしょ に かならす まい もどろう


Act IV (Poem)
きみ よう いん が なり

ゆめ も ほこり も すで に うしない

めがみ ひく ゆみ より すでに や は はなたれて

ふくしゅう に とりつくかれた わが たましい

くのう の すれ に

たどちつきたる がんぼう は わが きゅうさい と

きみ の やすら かなる ねむり

いざ かたり つがん きみ の ぎせい せかい の おわり

ひと しれす みなみ おわる かぜ の ごとく

ゆるやか に たしか に

Act V (Poem)

やくしく の ない あした であろうと

きみ の たつ ばしょ に かならず まい もどろう

この せかい が おれ の いのち おびやかす なれ

ち の はて そら の かなた はるか なる みにみ

ひそかなる せい と なろう




Prologue (Poem)
Kemonotachi no tatakai ga yoni owari wo motarasu toki
Kura ki sora yori megami ga maioriru.
Hikari to yami no tsubasa wo hiroge
Shifuku he to michibiku okurimono to tomoni.

Act I (Poem)
Shien no nazo sore wa megami no okurimono.
Warera ha motome tobitanda.
Amayoitsuzukeru kokoro no minamo ni
Kasukana sazanami wo tattete.

Act II (Poem)
Oshiminai shukufuku to tomoni
Kimi ha megami ni aisareta.
Sekai wo iyasu eiyuu toshitemo
Asu wo nozomi te chiru tamashii.
Hokori mo tsui e
Tobita tou ni mo tsubasa ha horeta
Kore ga monsutta no matsuru da.

Act III (Poem)
Kimi yo tobitatsu no ka?
Warera ha mikumu sekai he to
Machiukeru ha tada kakoku na asu.
Sakamaku kaze nomida toshitemo
Kimi yo koi negai e
Inochi hagukumu megami no okurimono.
Yakusoku no nai asu dearouto
Kimi no tatsu basho ni kanarazu mai modorou.

Act IV (Poem)
Kimi yo in ga nari.
Yume mo hokori mo sude ni ushinai.
Megami hiku yumi yori sudeni ya ha hanatarete
Fukushuu ni toritsukukareta waga tamashii
Kunou no sue ni
Tadoritsukitaru ganbou ha waga kyuusai to
Kimi no yasura kanaru nemuri
Iza katari tsugan kimi no gisei sekai no owari.
Hito shirezu minami owaru kaze no gotoku
Yuruyaka ni tashika ni

Act V (Poem)

Yakusoku no nai ashita dearouto
Kimi no tatsu basho ni kanarazu mai modorou.
Kono sekai ga ore no inochi obiyakasu nara
Chi no hate sora no kanata haruka naru minami
Hisokanaru sei to narou.

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What you think isn’t always what you see

October 11, 2012 at 16:06 (Uncategorized)

Some months I was going to teach my students ‘this, that, these and those‘.  I had the course book open next to me as I organised my lesson.   I started with a speaking task that dealt with names and nicknames, it went on to city nicknames.  I went online and looked up some city nicknames we could discuss, I had city vocabulary worksheets [town hall, mall, library etc.] I even printed out some comprehensions about London and New York.  I finished up the 100 minute lesson with Cape Town The Mother City.  I wrote it all out on the board to demonstrate – In Cape Town there is a town hall, In Cape Town there are museums, In Cape Town there is a library etc.  Sigh~!

But today, I didn’t make that mistake.  I remembered.  I didn’t use cities either, I used stuff in the students’ bags.

It also helped that I was actually doing ‘there is and there are’… 😛

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Gold Ice

October 8, 2012 at 19:41 (Uncategorized)

Some years ago I mentioned loving Iron Brew and vodka.  And I have now found it in a handy bottle – all mixed and delicious.

It went perfectly with my streak and chips.

I’ve also done all the planning for my latest piece of fanfiction.  All plotted, all planned.  Now just to write the last five chapters.

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