Decisions Decided

September 9, 2012 at 18:00 (Uncategorized)

I have given up on few things.  In no order:

One – the viola.  It is a difficult instrument.  And after a year I still can’t play anything.  I play for enjoyment, for myself and the viola was a struggle, and battle, a mission.  So I have passed it on to a better, and more worthwhile, home.  For the time being, I’m sticking with the piano – an instrument I enjoy.

Two – UNISA.  This one plagued me for a bit.  Society’s obsession with degrees trapped me again earlier in the year and I registered for the second semester – and all my frustration came back.  Caught a bit of a wake up.  Not only is UNISA’s standard low and no longer internationally recognised, and the lecturers are old fashioned and narrow minded, my chosen career path doesn’t require a degree.  I have a CELTA and would much rather spend the time and effort [and money] getting a DELTA than a substandard degree that maybe no one accepts.  AND I’m not an ambitious person, I do not plan to strive forward and lead the pack – I’m happy to follow so why am I stressing it?  Have been feeling so much better and lighter – happier with my life.

Three – I’m going to Japan in October 2013.  WooHoo~!  I was doing some maths the other day after chatting to some friends and four weeks at a Japanese language school in Kyoto is a serious ‘yes’.  So I’m going 😀  It means not going to Europe in June/July for SCA things but meh – Japan is more exciting for me.

Four – I don’t want a ‘proper’ music teacher.  I like to work my way through sheet music by myself.  With a little help, I taught myself the FFVII AC piano theme.  And that was before I could read sheet music.  It took me almost two years but it was fun and I enjoyed it.  If I do end up with a problem I have two things at my disposal – the internet and friends who play musical instruments, including the piano.

Five – I don’t have a five but I was on a Numb3rs roll – ha ha ha ah… *ahem*



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  1. Steve Barnett (@maxbarners) said,

    Yay re Japan! That’s very groovy.
    We must compare notes again for places to go and things to see and where’s cheap to eat and such…

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