… By Sleep

August 10, 2012 at 20:33 (Uncategorized)

One thing that really amazes me about being sick is how much you sleep.  I slept quite a bit in general but sleeping late isn’t my thing.  09h30 is about as late as I can go before I’m awake and that’s it.  On Thursday, however, I woke up at 09h30-ish ate some breakfast while trying to keep my eyes open but collapsed back into bed and slept till close to 14h00.  It was very weird for me and somewhat disorientating.  Especially when I went sleep again at 21h00.

Sickness had also meant I have no energy so I’ve been watching movies for the few hours I have been awake.  I watched Detective Dee – it’s rather cool but my eyes were tearing so badly I couldn’t always read the subtitles.  After that I went for English movies and ones that I knew pretty well.   I did finally watch The Matrix Revolutions, or rather I should say The Matrix Revolutions was on and I was mostly watching it but also playing fetch with Dorian.  The really aren’t that good :/  Huge amounts of bullets and very few hits.  Maybe I’m being unfair in my ill state.

Glad it’s the weekend – two more days to recover from this cold before going back to work.


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