Finland 2012

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04.07.12 – 17.07.12

This trip came about rather quickly.  I was talking to friends who were going to an SCA event – Cudgel X – and realised I could actually go as well.  So I bought a ticket, missioned a little to get a visa and was off on 4 July.  Long distance flights in economy are terrible.  But everyone knows this.  Because I was on a different flight to my friends I had some hours to kill in Helsinki before they arrived so I took the bus into town.  The airport has luggage storage but be warned it doesn’t give change.  It’s 6 euro for the day and I only had a 10 euro note.  The airport also had free wi-fi

The bus is quick and easy to find.  It cost 4 Euro 50 and took about 20-25 minutes to get into town.  The ticket is also valid for about an hour after purchase.  My time was short so I ended up snapping pictures as I organised a sim card and bought some postcards.  I forgot to change the setting on my camera so the Helsinki photographs are low resolution.  Not entirely sure where’s where.


Back at the airport I met my friends and after meeting up with some other friends we went to the campsite in Inkoo.  A scout camp called Kavalahti.  The cabin was really cute, if a bit far from the showers.  And up a hill – the whole camp was actually pretty cool.  From here the pictures are of a higher resolution.

Kavalahti Scout Camp

On Tuesday I did a little tour of the local area – Inkoo Church, Grabbacka, Raseborg Castle and Fagervik.  On the way we traveled on the King’s Road rather than the highway – I was every excited to travel on the King’s Road.

Inkoo Church

Build at the end of the fourteenth century.  Three major changes took place after it was built, slightly enlarging the original building.  During the Nordic Union Wars it was plundered and laid to waste by the Danes.  It is the only church in Finland to depict the Death Dance.  Many of the pictures inside have been lime washed.  The church is free to look at.

Inkoo Church East Side

Inkoo Church Inside Death Dance

Inkoo Church Inside

Inkoo Church Inside


This place is a little hidden way but when you find it it doesn’t cost anything to look at.  It’s a place only someone interested in mediaeval history would find interesting.  Built in the end of the 15th century.

Raseborg Castle

Raseborg is rather touristy.  But no less appealing for it.  It is very big with lots of little areas of interest.  Entry to Raseborg Castle is 2 euro and the tickets are bought at the little coffee shop opposite the castle.  You can also by postcards and information booklets.

Raseborg Castle Outside

Raseborg Castle Inside Guard House

Raseborg Castle Inside Courtyard

Raseborg Castle Inside Brewery

Raseborg Castle Inside Kitchens

Raseborg Castle Inside Armoury

Raseborg Castle Inside Church


Fagervik was an ironworks.  It’s a really pretty place to walk round.  The manor is privately owned so no tours.

On Thursday I journeyed to Turku.  I saw a bit of Karjaa while waiting for the train – a double decker train 😀  You can see so much being so high.  The trip to Turku took an hour and cost 21 euro.  The taxi from the scout camp to Karjaa cost 23 euro – the trip was terribly expensive but I enjoyed it so much.  There are many mediaeval things to see in Turku, it’s well worth the cost.  The train had free wi-fi and power points next to the seats.



Turku Castle

The castle cost 8 euro and it’s huge – there is so much to see.  By the end I was so tired.  The building is amazing and full of really cool rooms and passages.  If it had been cheaper, I would have gone again.  No flash photography.

Turku Cathedral

The original building was built in the 13th century.  It is the main cathedral of Finland.  It was badly damaged during the Great Fire of Turku and rebuilt much larger than it was before.   It is free to look but no flash photography.

Mediaeval Turku

This was my favourite place.  It cost 8 euro but it was fantastic.  I would go again, even at 8 euro.  It’s in Aboa Ventus Museum of History and Comnemporary Art.  Not only can you walk through the ruins, there are interactive stations and artifacts that were found right there.

Turku Church

I only ended up going to this church because I had missed my train and had an hour to spare.  It’s free to look.

I spend the rest of my time in Finland at the camp doing either SCA things or nothing.  I was a little weepy when I flew out and saw all the islands falling away.  It was a super trip – it cost me a lot but really worth it.


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I loved Finland.  It is a beautiful country full of trees and lakes.  Turku was by far my most favourite place I visited.  I should like to go again next year.  The only down side is how expensive it is.  People say you shouldn’t convert and I agree if you are using Euros but I was using Rands.

The most thrilling thing was when my taxi driver didn’t know the way back to the camp.  I had no idea where to go and all the roads are lined with trees so everywhere looked like everywhere else.  I got back eventually – through a very scenic area.

So it’s back to work, back to studying, back to playing and back to writing.  Back to my life.  My good life 😀

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