Kitchen Cat

June 21, 2012 at 14:24 (Uncategorized)

If ever I need to find Dorian all I need to do is kick the stone ball across the kitchen floor, scrumple a piece of paper at the back door, open the fridge, start making food, put the kettle on, put something in the sink or open the kitchen cupboard and he’s there in a shot.  Calling him is ineffective, does not respond at all.

In two weeks I will be in Finland – I can’t wait.  Busy finishing up last minute things like my new fencing hood [last one failed the punch test].  Also need to collect a few things like a bigger memory card from Aki.  I don’t have work next week, which is both nice and not so nice.  Not so nice – I don’t get paid leave.  I have never yet got paid leave, it is something I would like to experience.  Nice – I could really do with a break.  I feel like I’ve been going and going endlessly, bouncing between ups and downs and just shy of bursting into to tears.  At the moment, I’m really more focused on the nice 🙂


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