Bad Day

June 15, 2012 at 08:06 (Uncategorized)

Yesterday wasn’t a good day in terms of things happening.  For the first half of the week I was pretty down emotionally but yesterday [and today] I was feeling pretty good – sorted some stuff out in my head.  It was test day for my students and I wanted to put together a test specifically on the work we had done so fat this week.

Only, Metrorail Metrofail was having issues.  As usual, I should say.  So after spending 50 minutes on the station waiting for a train I got to work rather cold and annoyed.  And the printer wasn’t working – out of order.  I also had less than an hour to prepare two test – one, the first one, was easy, just photocopying but the other I had to copy pages, cut out sections and paste them to other pages and make copies.  I made it in time but I was rushed, but pleased with what I had put together.

That is until one of the students pointed out that the reading text in the first test had a line running through it and you couldn’t read it – I mean, I could read it but it’s not for me.  So I had to make a copy of the answer sheet, black out the answers and make extra copies for the other students.  The second test, my test, was okay.  And then it was the end of the working day and I was happy.

The day then picked up when I found The Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer in Shoprite for R30. The afternoon took a dip when my hair dying didn’t work as I wanted and my cupcakes failed – what a mess that was.  I made a second batch – moogle cupcakes.   I took the idea from someone else – Square Enix EU retweeted someone’s moogle cupcake picture.  They were so cute, I had to make them.  My day ended with an awesome good dinner with friends.  Rough start but it ended well.

In my continued Japanese studies, I’m tempted to write this out in Japanese but I feel an attack of Laziness coming on…



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