Nightly Rituals

June 9, 2012 at 09:53 (Uncategorized)

Most evenings Dorian follows a pattern.  As I get into bed and settle down he attacks my feet through the blanket.

He really gets into it, squashing his whisker pillows so much they block his nose.  Then he really works himself up into a frenzy.  It’s impossible to photograph.

He doesn’t keep this up long but it’s manic.  When he was younger, he would pass out asleep where he stood – it was very cute.  Now that he is almost seven months old, he goes to chill in the passage.

And with it being winter, the show is watched over by Polo while he sits among the pillows.  With all his disapproval.

Overall I’m somewhat impressed with the quality of my phone’s camera.  I can’t do things like zoom but there’s an app for that if I seriously got into phone camera photography.  And considering I have a camera in my bag, it’s unlikely.

I am so pleased the last two weeks are finished.  I had two students who did not talk.  They would answer a direct questions with as few words as possible – yes, no and sometimes just a shrug or nod.  I was beginning to despair, until I spoke to their afternoon teacher, a much more experienced teacher, and she was having the same problems.  I don’t think I’m a bad teacher but it was nice to know that sometimes no matter what you do, there’s nothing you can do.  Added to this was a lingering non-cold which appears to have disappeared this morning.


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