Rows and Rows

May 9, 2012 at 17:55 (Uncategorized)

I don’t know what people were writing in row eight this afternoon ‘coz as the hour point was reached they all handed in their papers and left – the entire row.  I’m guessing MCQ.  Forgot a bunch of dates for my one essay and for the other I forgot how to spell oratorio.  But I did remember how to spell Kristallenacht.

I took Dorian to the vet  today for a rabies and leukemia shot.  When we returned so ass drove up the one way down and took my parking.  I had gone round like you’re supposed to but he hadn’t.  And when I told him that he had driven up a one way, he was all ‘yeah, I know’.  So I reported him.  Also, when I came back from my exam three more cars were parked illegally – all from out of town.  I see myself making many calls in the future.  Everyone wants to live in Europe because it’s ‘civilized’.  It’s only civilized because they obey the rules.  It’s makes me very angry so I’m going to go watch something and do some needle craft.  Now that I can see in the lounge at night 🙂


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