It’s a Hard Life

April 23, 2012 at 21:49 (Uncategorized) ()

While I am still of the opinion I would rather not work, and instead spend all day reading comics, sewing or writing, pottering about the house or watching DVDs – I do enjoy my job.  It is unlike any other job I’ve ever had.  There are some average moments when a lesson doesn’t go as planned but then there are great ones when it does.

It has also occurred to me since I started saving for Finland that I am in a very fortunate position of being able to cover my living cost just working in the morning.   It is nice.  And by working in the afternoon, I can save a fair bit of money and potentially go on holiday a lot more often than I do.   The down side to all this is that my work is not guaranteed.  If there are no students, there is no work.

On the way to Cavendish this afternoon I saw a burning stump.  From a distance it looked like the road had split open and flames were spewing forth.  My first thoughts were Centralia and Silent Hill but as I got closer I realised what it was.  Not nearly as exciting 😛


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