March 25, 2012 at 20:13 (Uncategorized)

I have decided to make a serious attempt at getting to Cudgel this year.  Serious saving – I’ve never done this before.  So for the next few months there will be no comics/manga, boxsets or movies, no ballets.  Though, I do have two things that will require some of my money – learner’s test and exams in May.  But those can’t be helped.   

I’m quite excited at the idea of going but I’am also rather keen to see how much money I can save.  Generally I’m pretty bad with money – I get it and I spend it.  A challenge for myself, a goal.  Maybe a little bit of a direction.

Hmm, yes.  



  1. dystopia (@_dystopia_) said,

    yay! more people i know at cudgel

  2. Jo said,


    Ahem. On a more serious note, open a 30-day savings account and put spare monies into it. It’s amazing how much you can save when you can’t access the funds immediately 🙂

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