February 26, 2012 at 12:35 (Uncategorized)

After the game Friday night I pulled into a driveway with the intention of turning the car round and heading off home.  Unfortunately, I pulled in a little too close to the hedge.  I didn’t think it was a problem until I tried to reverse and noticed that the hedge wasn’t made up of twigs, it was made up of branches and had I continued to reverse I would have taken off my rear view mirror.

All my attempts to try get away from the hedge failed, there wasn’t much room to move, so I ended up rolling down my window and pushing the branches back while I slowly reversed out the drive way.

This Dorian:

Because he is grey and he has a pretty face.


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A change in the wind

February 14, 2012 at 20:19 (Uncategorized)

I used to get up at 06h30 and leave for work at 07h30.  In this hour, I would walk the dog, make lunch, get dressed, eat breakfast and occasionally play a bit of piano.  Now I get up at 06h30 and leave around 07h30 but all I even seem to be able to do it get dressed and eat breakfast and, lately, make lunch.  I came up with a cunning plan on the weekend to get back into my old routine – get up at 06h00, do all that I used to do and soon[ish] I would be back to my usual speed.  However, all that happened is that I now hit the snooze button until 06h30 and continue as I have been.  My origin plan failed, but I’ve discovered something better.  Delaying actually getting up – I see it more as a slow wake up – has make the morning seem friendlier.  I feel I can tackle the day with ease.  This has greatly improved my approach to work.  And this is good because I like my job.

And in this morning doze, I realised something.  I must make a new routine.  My old routine is done – trying to bring what was into now is exhausting and depressing.  That was then and this is now.  So I took the dog for a walk this evening.  It was also more enjoyable because I wasn’t worried about time and he had more opportunities to sniff around.  There’ll still be low days but the good days are going to be real good days instead of days when I’m less upset.

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Nothing much…

February 7, 2012 at 20:30 (Uncategorized)

What I have been doing and what I want to do haven’t been matching up lately.   I want to write another chapter of The Price of Freedom – I even open it up, but I don’t type anything.  It sits for a couple of hours in the background while I read things I’ve read before or just listen to music.  I want to finish the LARP I started with Smoczek but I don’t even open that one.  I want to sew some costumes but couldn’t be bothered to hem my pants.  I feel… gloomy.

At the moment all my creative energy is going into lessons.  I think for now, that’s okay.  I lost my niece, I’m going to be upset and depressed for a little bit.  There are changes happening in the next few weeks with Aki moving out and some rearranging of rooms and furniture, and until then I’m just going to concentrate on teaching my students, reading the manga I’ve read a millions times and watching the fights I really love.  Right now – I just want to read manga all day.

I’ll shake myself awake in March.   Though, I did manage to find a piece of music I’ve been looking for – it’s so lovely.

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