Found lunch

January 17, 2012 at 15:58 (Uncategorized)

Aki left her lunch at home this morning, so instead of wasting it I took it to work.  I did check what was on it – ham and mayo.  But that’s not what was on it – ham, mayo and tabasco!  I had no other lunch so I had to eat it.  It wasn’t quite tears but it was close.

I had a productive early afternoon looking for printable worksheets for the students – Learn English Feel Good.  The name is a bit odd but the worksheets are quite nice – I’m testing out prepositions tomorrow.

2011 was a year of much change for me – a hard but productive year.  This year has started rather badly and I’m struggling to get into it – some days are bad and some are good.  But as I force myself back into my regular routines of last year, things are starting to get into shape.  There is no forgiveness when it comes to Sybella’s death but the anger and the sadness will fade and not be so controlling.  As it is, I am sad when I see her picture but I no longer cry.



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