Prison Break

January 10, 2012 at 19:11 (Uncategorized)

Not so much prison, and not really trapped either but I did have to break out of my pants today.  The zip broke and I needed to pee.  Now I have to hem my other pants or else I’m completely out of pants for work.  Luckily, it’s summer and so there are plenty of dresses to be worn before I need concern myself with pants.  And seeing as I’m not a real fan of hemming, it’s going to be delayed until necessary.

Students were writing out their family trees today and asked me to write out mine.  Felt a bit heavy to not write Sybella on the board.

Also, I’m being very good with Kekkaishi and only reading a couple of chapters a month or a couple a day at work.  Ah, I love shounen art 😛  I have some others that I’ve bookmarked for later reading.


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