Halloween theme

November 19, 2011 at 09:46 (Uncategorized)

We have a bunch of movies we watch on specific holidays – V for Vendetta on 5 November, Valentine’s Day on 14 February and so on.  But we didn’t have one for Halloween and I’ve been trying to think of one when I remembered Sleepy Hollow.  I was actually reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow while trying to think of a suitable movie.  But only thought of it after I had finished.  It’s get a little worse, this morning while scanning the titles in our movie collection I came across 28 Days Later, Constantine, Doom and two Resident Evil movies.

I once read a book about a boy that goes somewhere on holiday and befriends a girl and her family are up to something.  I recall he wanted to help but she was sure he wouldn’t actually show on the day – the book doesn’t end as the original last pages were so faded the author couldn’t decipher them.   After doing some searching, I think it’s The Beachcomber by Emma Townsend but I can’t find any information about it to be sure – the name just sounds familiar.  A little frustrating.


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