Madness in the Streets

October 30, 2011 at 18:47 (Uncategorized)

Shackleton has a body harness and short lead that I use when walking him to the shops.  Strangely, he is very excited to see it but not so keen to have it put on or to have it taken off.  But that’s not the madness I’m taking about now – Shackleton goes for other male dogs with an eager display of manliness.  This is fine when the other dogs are behind gates and some quick walking leaves them behind – as soon as he can’t see them, his nose distracts him with something on the ground, on a pole or a tuft of grass.  When the other dog is not behind a gate, but luckily also on a lead, the manly display continues and the only way to move along is to lift Shackleton momentarily off the ground and walk quickly.  This does mean he is suspended at the end of the lead for a couple of seconds.  And heavy things suspended in such a manner tend to slowly spin.  So I walk along with my groceries and a barking, spinning dog.



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