Madness in the Streets

October 30, 2011 at 18:47 (Uncategorized)

Shackleton has a body harness and short lead that I use when walking him to the shops.  Strangely, he is very excited to see it but not so keen to have it put on or to have it taken off.  But that’s not the madness I’m taking about now – Shackleton goes for other male dogs with an eager display of manliness.  This is fine when the other dogs are behind gates and some quick walking leaves them behind – as soon as he can’t see them, his nose distracts him with something on the ground, on a pole or a tuft of grass.  When the other dog is not behind a gate, but luckily also on a lead, the manly display continues and the only way to move along is to lift Shackleton momentarily off the ground and walk quickly.  This does mean he is suspended at the end of the lead for a couple of seconds.  And heavy things suspended in such a manner tend to slowly spin.  So I walk along with my groceries and a barking, spinning dog.



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October 24, 2011 at 18:36 (Uncategorized)

Beginner students require a lot of patience, a lot of simple explaination and a fair amount of board drawing.

Sometimes it also take a lot not to burst out laughing when someone is trying really hard – owl ‘parrot at night’.  But mostly I need patience because my morning student is lazy.

I have noticed when talking to the other teachers about beginner and elementary students, that teachers that have learned, or attempted to learn, an additional language as adults have way more time for the low level students and don’t mind teaching them.  It’s interesting, I would like to look into it further.  But at a much later date.


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October 19, 2011 at 18:15 (Uncategorized)

I’ve have been very busy with research lately – history of Western music for SCA talk and piles of FFVII information for a fanfiction I’m writing.  I do love plotting and planning my fanfiction.  I have maps, story line, time line and chapter breakdown.  For the latest bit of fiction I’ve included the titles of the OST [FFVII CC] for chapter titles and vague ideas of story in the chapter.  The story is of Zack and Cloud’s year on the run from ShinRa and with track titles such as ‘Burden of Truth’, ‘Prelude to Ruin’ and ‘Scars of Friendship’ inspiration for angst is abound.

I haven’t said this is a while because Full Metal Alchemist is finish but Naruto is still going and I… can’t wait for the next chapter!

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If I don’t get…

October 16, 2011 at 21:01 (Uncategorized)

What is it with people demanding reviews for their stories?  ‘If I don’t get x number of reviews, I’m not going to write more’ – what crap is that!?  Oh, it annoys me no end.  I enjoy a good review as much as any one but I’m not going to demand reviews from my readers.  What the hell~!  Just because there is a review option doesn’t mean that people have to use it.  It’s an if and when they feel like it option.   It’s almost as if because it’s written and posted online, it must have reviews for each and every chapter.  Preferable, more than one.

It’s attention seeking is what it is – rage~!  Unfortunately, I ‘reviewed’ in anger.  But I was really enjoying the story.


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Needle and Threads

October 15, 2011 at 16:34 (Uncategorized)

I’ve started up a sewing blog – Needle and Threads.  I had something over at Google pages for ages but some time ago it changed and I got annoyed so stopped updating.  I decided to follow in the steps of Aki-chan and start a baking blog [again with something at Google pages] and that got me going to change my sewing page as well.  Both are in a… creation stage.

I’m putting some embroidery on my fencing jacket but am easily distracted today.

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Working manga

October 5, 2011 at 15:43 (Uncategorized)

I’ve seen manga about people going about their daily working lives.  To my mind, they are quite boring.  Unlike Naruto currently 😀  Which I read during lunch along with Silver Spoon.  But one manga I can’t read at work is Air Gear.  As much as I love Air Gear it is NSFW.  The chapter notification sits in my inbox taunting me.

Was wrestling with bicycles this afternoon, mostly trying to get them out the shed then looking for lock codes and trying to figure out locks.  In the end one wasn’t taken because it had a flat.  So it got wrestled back into the shed.

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Details lacking

October 4, 2011 at 15:53 (Uncategorized)

I get very annoyed when given only half the information when asked to do something.  It is true that I’m working for the same company as I did in the beginning of the year but no one told me about the little changes that had occured.  I don’t like wasting my time on repeated tasks.

I do have a couple of pointless task I do but I’ve taken to plotting and planning fiction while I do them.  It also helps that I have music to listen to.

I have a job interview tomorrow – it sound more promising than the others, still part time though.  Hopefully my cold will have disappeared enough [or completely] so I don’t sound like a boozer.

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