Hang Ten

September 30, 2011 at 08:53 (Uncategorized)

I sleep diagonally across my bed and for reasons known only to the cat, Polo sleeps in the same corner as my feet.  This means that when I stretch at night he gets jabbed by my toes.  Cats are weird.

I had an hour to kill in the CBD the other day so I spent it looking for pants for work.  It was rather unsuccessful – pants are either too short or made for people with no shape; also what is it with fake pockets!?  I want pockets.  Anyway, I was looking at random stuff and I used to be rather disgusted at items that weren’t ‘finished’ – no hems or things like that.  But then I got to thinking, I accept technological advancements readily enough so why not advancements in other areas?  And Aki bought a dress that isn’t hemmed and it has a really pretty drape-y effect.  If material doesn’t need to be hemmed, why hem it?  It’s silliness really.


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