Korean BBQ FTW

August 15, 2011 at 15:14 (Uncategorized)

Portable Korean BBQ are awesome.  Can’t wait for summer to test it outside.  Also going to test it at SCA event on 27.08 – teriyaki fish.  I would also chuck the tofu on it but there will be vegans.  And they… well, won’t like beans and fish mixing, I think.

During week two of CELTA, my former boss asked me if I could temp at reception for a week.  Said sure, but it turns out it will be for three weeks 😀  I do like having money.

Back to varsity studies – today I brought AFL1501 with me.  It’s fairly interesting but I’m hungry and out of lunch.  I thought I was working till 13h30 but was asked to go till 16h30.  Weeks of not working mean my backup snacks are done.  I’m beginning to see why people steal other peoples’ lunch at work.  Not that I could do that.  And I still think it’s weird.


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