Gut wounded

August 8, 2011 at 20:33 (Uncategorized)

Learning to fight with pointy  things means you may get poked with pointy things.  Or rather you may accidentally step into pointy things.  I have a tiny but rather painful bruise on my stomach.  Lesson learned – move in a favourable direction.

CELTA is almost finished.  Final assessed lesson is on Wednesday.  I still teach after that but it’s a lot easier and more enjoyable to teach without someone assessing you.  It is also easier in that I don’t have to stick to my lesson plan exactly.  Or write one out in detail.

Now to look for work.



  1. parfles said,

    Unrelated information: my first dog (the one that was around when I was born, and was there during my early childhood) was called Celta. (Pronounced Tselta.) She was a German Shepherd and as far as I can recall, most awesome. Apparently she used to guard my crib when I slept. 🙂

    • nantalith said,

      As far as I know [remember] our first dog was called Jude. Strangely, Lettie is the only dog we’ve had that might have been young enough when we got her to be call a puppy.

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