July 4, 2011 at 12:53 (Uncategorized)

When I was rather small, I had a paratrooper.   I don’t know if it was mine or perhaps one of my sister’s but it was a great little toy.  We used to take hold of his parachute, spin him around in mad circles and let go.  Inevitably the plastic of the chute would give way and then it was a scramble to find a little green man among the foliage.  Once found my mother would have to reattach the chute and the whole game would start again.  There was also endless struggles with the knotting string, hooked up in trees and the drop into the neighbour’s garden.

I wanted to get one for my father’s birthday.  I found one but there was nothing cool about it.  It was bright orange, almost 25cm in height with ‘special’ no tangle cords – in a word, boring.  The best part about the little green man was that he was light.  A fair breeze could alter his course and he could end up anywhere.  I’m going to liberate one of L’s infantrymen from the toy box and attach a chute.


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