A little colder… hotter…

June 27, 2011 at 17:51 (Uncategorized)

Last night was pretty chilly.  My feet were so cold I had to put socks otherwise their cold ache would have kept me awake.  Today, however, the weather wasn’t all that bad.  I only needed a jersey not a not a coat.  I’m not all that keep on weather that jumps around like this, pick something and stick to it.

I think I’ve come up with a new way of making toiles/patterns.  It requires a duct tape dummy and an old top of some kind – both of which I have.  I’ve been thinking about it for the better part of today and I think it might work, I’m going to give it a go tomorrow.  The pattern pieces won’t have any seam allowance but that can easily be added.  I have a bunch of my own sewing tasks I want to finish up this week along with a few other items of mundane description – I want to tackle the Tudor overgown this weekend.  I would like to do the bodice at least and the skirt isn’t difficult at all.  From my reading, the only thing I’m a little iffy on are the sleeves.  They are not like modern sleeves and I have to look at the pictures as I read.

I also have a craving to make up a Regency dress.  Spend about an hour last night looking at pictures and patterns but I shall focus on Tudor and finger braiding for the now.

I managed to get my one textbook for the Kindle for something mad like R 60 or so and on the Kindle.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the other one for for less than R 880 or R 900 something.  Juta didn’t have it either and I didn’t want to spend basically a thousand bucks on a book when I’m not currently working.  I was saved when I found a first addition on Amazon this afternoon for R 503.  It was also the last one.  And I’m pleased that either first or second addition is serviceable for the module.


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