May 22, 2011 at 10:34 (Uncategorized)

Firstfallen was right – Season of the Witch is bad.  I think it was made on a budget of whatever people had in their pockets.  The second half was actually better than the first half and more what I thought the entire movie was going to be about.  My word but the opening battle scenes were the worst.  Oops, my bad – battle scenes?  lol~  Stumbling about in the sand swing the sword at staged moments scenes were the worst.

Though it wasn’t a total waste of time.  I managed to finish a piece of fanfiction while watching it.  I just needed to write the final scene  but I’ve been distracted with another fiction I’m writing.  Now I just have to wait for my beta to return it so I can up load it and not feel bad about working on the other pieces.

Grammar exam on Wednesday.   Not a strength.  I can tell someone what a grammatical aspect is but battle to identify them in examples.  And the exam is two hours, not a lot of time when I have to identify and then test what ever it is I have to look for.  Maybe there will only be two or three in the exam – eep!



  1. Marcelle said,

    Grammar was okay, stressing over HRV1601 tomorrow, are you in the same boat? =/
    interesting blog by the way :]

    • nantalith said,

      Not really stressing. I know I can’t pass it – with no comments from our lecturer, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. All I can do is write what I think they want and hope for the best.

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