May 14, 2011 at 18:43 (Uncategorized)

I now have a desk.  I have filled it with next semester course books, I have topped it with this semester course books as well as a variety of pencil/pen holders.  Tomorrow I will be putting up my phonetic table, vowel chart and year planner.  I have missed my year planner.  The first half of the year planner will be quite blank but the latter half is likely to make up for it.

Went to see Fast and Furious 5 – wow, what a lot of crashing.  Some of them were very impressive.  I saw a bunch of previews that looked rather cool such as X-men First Class, Pirate of the Caribbean and Season of the Witch.  I really hope X-men is not in 3D, or at least available for viewing in 2D.  Unlike Thor – stoopid 3D ruins everything.

I shall now go eat some awesome smelling dinner.



  1. Jo said,

    Urgh, Season of the Witch is terrible. It’s a frothy romp through plague-infested 14C Eastern Europe with some demons. Also the “costuming” will make you cry. We have it on AVI if you want to save your money 🙂

    • nantalith said,

      Yeah, okay.

      If I end up liking it, I can pay to see it again 😛

  2. Jo said,

    Also, the 3D in Thor is really low-key. It’s on all the time, so everything’s slightly 3D but there’s no shit flying at you all the time. I don’t like 3D and really didn’t mind this at all.

    • nantalith said,

      The 3D aspect looses it appeal quickly as my eyes adjust anyway but its that the movie is dull viewed through the dark glasses that really gets to me – watching a movie with shades on. I would rather wait for 2D or DVD.

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