Google Translate

January 25, 2011 at 14:13 (Uncategorized)

I’ve not used Google Translate before, never really had a reason.  But I used it today and found it to be sufficient to understand a student and, more importantly, for her to understand me.  Two days of struggling solved in ten minutes.  I’ve added it to my favourites in case future students are just as poor in understanding.  It also didn’t help that when she did understand the question she answered in Portuguese. 

The pool is back in sparkly shape.  And very tempting. 

A couple of weeks ago I bought a laptop, it’s very nice and I like it a lot.  I did forget I had bought it by the time we got home and was fiddling with the new ironing board when I saw Aki reading through a computer mag we got at the store.  My thoughts were along the lines of ‘where did she pick up that?’ before I remembered.  I’ve been unsuccessful so far in getting it to type in Japanese though.  I’ve added ‘Japanese’ in the language place but while it types kana on the screen, it’s not the kana I want – a ‘s’ gives me ‘to’ which is completely incorrect.  Computers and cars equal ‘not simple’.


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