No going back

January 4, 2011 at 20:44 (Uncategorized)

Sometime you do something and there is no way to redeem yourself in that moment.  And as you walk, or in my case, drive away you know that the person will forever think  of you as a ditz.

A while ago, I wanted the attendant to check the oil and water of the Chibi.  First I didn’t open the hood and waited expectantly before he asked me and then I couldn’t remember where the lever was so he had to show me.  As he walked back to the front of the car, I was struggling to not say ‘I’m not really stupid, I was just…’  What?  Not thinking, thinking about something obscure, humming a tune – it doesn’t matter.  No matter what you say or do, you’ve had it – you are a ditz.

Then sometimes you see a situation developing and decide to play ditz.  It makes for much humour later 😀



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