Oh, cars! Oh, cars!

December 29, 2010 at 14:37 (Uncategorized)

The Chibi has died.  I was doing some photo printing and when I tried to leave the car went bang and made smoke.  Water also started running out of it.  All in all, it looks bad.  I’m currently at home waiting for AA to phone and say they’re ready for me.  Then I’ll head up to the PnP centre and sort it out.  One of two things is going to happen – 1, they fix it and I drive home or 2, they tow it.  I’m suspecting 2 as the car makes absolutely no sound, clicks or otherwise, when the key is turned.  This is usually when I get annoyed with cars – I have to phone people and they asked me questions.  All I want to say is ‘it’s broken, make it work again’.  I don’t know anything about how cars work and more importantly, I don’t want to know anything about how cars work.  Cars, to me, are like an appliance, it must just work when I want to use it.

Edit:  16h13 The battery had literally exploded – plastic all over the engine.  But is good now.



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