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December 23, 2010 at 19:30 (Uncategorized)

So… I have some decent, proper employment for three months next year.  Hopefully it will end up being more than that but it’s a good start.  I’m really quite pleased to have found it.  I’ve also managed to sort my degree into something I can actually do and pass.  It does mean that I’m effectively doing first year next year but I’ve done all the second year modules already so it will be first and third year and then I’m done.  It’s going to take longer than planned but I feel take a longer and get something rather than sticking with what I was doing and not getting anywhere ever.

I didn’t realise how much of The Deathly Hollow I skipped till I saw the movie the other night, well, part one of two.  I also think I skipped more than I thought with the previous one.   But I recalling skipping a lot of the previous movie as well 😡

I haven’t played Echo Bazaar for some weeks and was surprised at how riddled with nightmares I am – oops.  But I’m likely to stay that way as I don’t really play all that seriously.

Next year I’m going to attempt some Tudor garb.  It looks tricky and time consuming with lots of measuring and fitting – a challenge.  Kimono are not challenging.  They are pretty but simple.  I’m also going to attempt an epic embroidery challenge – the back of a kimono.

Finally got rid of an excessive amount of pearls.  I’m sure they bred in the cupboard.  I was despairing at having to make up over 100 necklaces so I could give them away but then, I hit on an idea – three strands together for one necklace.  To quote Clarkson ‘my genius knows no bounds’, I ended up with about 30 necklaces.  A much better number to give away.  I am feeling so much freer, no longer weighed down by crap from the failed shop.  In fact, I do believe they are the very last thing to go.  YAY!!


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