What do you see?

December 17, 2010 at 19:26 (Uncategorized)

Saw Voyage of the Dawn Trader today.  I really enjoyed it, however, I will be very pleased when 3D movies have lost their appeal.  I do not see the point – the images are dull and fuzzy.  And it gets worse if you take the glasses off.   I thought it ruined the visuals of Avatar having seen it ‘plain’ first but I decided to try it out on a movie I hadn’t seen and it was just as bad.  Now I will have to watch it again.

I’m currently listening to the latest Linkin Park album.  It is quite cool – very like their first album, which is still my favourite.  If you like Linkin Park, I really recommend you buy this album.   A Thousand Suns, I think its called.

Occasionally I get into a piece of fanfiction that is unlike anything I usually read and I read it obsessively until its finished.  I then spend hours looking for something that can  captivate me as the piece did.  I am usually terrible disappointed and move on to my usual ending searching for canon fiction.   This does lead me to thinking of awesome lengthy plots that I’m way too lazy to write…



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